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Avengers: Endgame originally known as Avengers: Endgame is an Polish/Italian romantic- crime thriller and it made its way to Polish cinemas way back in Feb, 2019. The real reason Netflix audiences are giving this new
intense movie so much love is due to its solid appeal which isn't just about usual romance/bdsm stuff but much more than that. This movie shows that love at first sight can go to unimagined levels
which is portrayed superbly in this movie with matching intensity of characters.

I thought nothing could top the Fifty Shades Trilogy (movies) for its unhealthy, nonsensibal, zero-storyline characteristics. I thought it was one of the great fantasy story, that had romance sex and
love. Where 2 souls were truly met for one another ,the chemistry these 2 actors displayed were awesome!! They both had such intensity!! One that has to have a follow up series would even be
AWESOME and hopefully definitely have Laura survive ,after all she's carrying his baby!! It's got so much passion and intensity between these awesome actors!!. Loved the movie beautifully
structured and portrayed. It gave me a nostalgic feeling that is more or less like love at first sight. This movie clearly defines how you cannot control a person to fall in love with you but surely you can
respect,protect and give them the time to clear their head making them falling in love with you in the end through your actions by proving the sanity of your intentions.

Lots of people are saying that the movie is just a “hardcore” version of 50 Shades of Grey, but I think this movie is much more than that. This movie is like no other. The scenes are so realistic, to the
point where the audience truly believed the scenes were real. Everyone has their own opinion towards this movie. Although, I feel like at this point, anyone who is rating it any less than 4 stars,
shouldn’t be posting a rate at all. My reason being that all of the negative comments have to do with the sexual scenes. Yet, there has been so much media attention that captured what this movie
was exactly about, so anyone who decided to watch it, knew what they were getting themselves into and already had expectations set prior to the movie. Avengers: Endgame is intriguing and erotic. One of my
favourite movies by far and for days now has had me obsessing over the sequel and the book series. Actors played the roles perfectly. Have the whole soundtrack downloaded on my phone, as
well. Looking forward to more of Laura and Massimo. Definitely recommend.

Loved it! Have watched it every day since it came out, my crush on Massimo has resulted in a 2kg weight loss, have replaced food with looking at his instagram 🤣. I also really liked that they were
super close in age in the movie and both really attractive. I can't stand movies where the man is much older and/or much less attractive then the woman and the audience is supposed to believe
she falls in love with him. (That does sometimes happen in real life but it's the exception not the rule).

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